Maasai Kids by Tina Broccoli

Two years ago I went on a family trip to Kenya. A trip that changed my life forever. When I was a little girl, I remember my father telling us stories of his adventures in Africa while shooting a film called “Safari“.
I will always remember his fondness for the people, especially the children. I experienced the magic while traveling through the Maasai Mara and the Rift Valley.
I used my camera to capture our adventures, I wanted to hang on to that magic. I knew that one day I would return.
Before I left for the trip I decided to buy a small compact camera that would allow me to capture the moments in time, a point and shoot Leica — it never left my side!
I specifically bought the little Leica because I knew that I was going to be recording my trip with photographs!
I tried to keep a daily journal but the excitement at the end of each day and the anticipation of the following days did not allow me to write words down on paper, thus these photographs!

Africa Photographs