A video about RainCatcher (‪http://raincatcher.org‬) together with the Broccoli Foundation bringing clean water to the school children in Kisumu, Kenya

RainCatcher School Children of Kisumu Kenya

“Everybody wanted to drink the water. And we let them drink the water.
In Fact, the kids are even more appreciative than us. Because the water they were carrying, was not very clean. Now they can access clean water they were not used to. And we believe it is going to be very plenty, because it is raining and our tank will be full.”


RainCatcher Organization

By utilizing the ancient ingenuity of water harvesting systems and providing advanced filter technology in areas adversely affected by the water scarcity crisis, RainCatcher is able to drastically reduce the risk of the water-related diseases currently taking 4,500 lives each day. Ninety percent of these lives taken are children younger than 5 years old.

Having provided water for over 450,000 people and adding rainwater harvesting systems on 48 schools and churches to date, RainCatcher is focused on creating a chance at life and education for the children and the betterment of the community and its ability to survive and prosper. Donations to RainCatcher directly fund the installation of sustainable clean water solutions and educational services proven to drastically improve living conditions, grant children the ability to gain a proper education, and most importantly, save lives.